COBIT's success as an increasingly internationally accepted set of guidance materials for IT governance has resulted in the creation of a growing family of publications and products designed to assist in the implementation of effective IT governance throughout an enterprise.

COBIT Overview

Successful organizations understand the benefits of information technology (IT) and use this knowledge to drive their shareholders’ value. They recognize the critical dependence of many business processes on IT, the need to comply with increasing regulatory compliance demands and the benefits of managing risk effectively. To aid organizations in successfully meeting today’s business challenges, ISACA® has published version COBIT® 4.1.

Risk IT

The Risk IT Framework

Risk is a natural part of the business landscape. If left unmanaged, the uncertainty can spread like weeds. If managed effectively, losses can be avoided and benefits obtained.

In business today, risk plays a critical role. Almost every business decision requires executives and managers to balance risk and reward. Effectively managing the business risks is essential to an enterprise’s success.

Val IT

The Val IT Framework

Val IT is a governance framework that consists of a set of guiding principles, and a number of processes conforming to those principles that are further defined as a set of key management practices.

The Val IT framework will be supported by publications and operational tools and provides guidance to:

  • Define the relationship between IT and the business and those functions in the organization with governance responsibilities;
  • Manage an organization's portfolio of IT-enabled business investments; and
  • Maximize the quality of business cases for IT-enabled business investments with particular emphasis on the definition of key financial indicators, the quantification of "soft" benefits and the comprehensive appraisal of the downside risk


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