Local chapter events are key to creating a community of like-minded professionals and sharing knowledge with your peers. Throughout the year, this chapter hosts regular monthly chapter dinner meetings, an annual conference in the spring and other training opportunities and social events throughout the year.


28 March 2016
Cloud Computing Security Issues
Speaker:C.A. D Durga Prasad
10 March 2016
Information Security Challenges in Health Industry
Speaker:C.A. V V Ramana Murthy
15 February 2016
Cloud Computing Security concerns
Speaker:C.A. P Lakshmana Rao
20 January 2016
Data Analysis
Speaker: Kunda Rama Narayana
8 October 2015
Forensic Audit
Speaker: V V Ramana Murthy
10 August 2015
Big Data
Speaker: Kunda Rama Narayana
21 June 2015
System Audit of NSE members.
Speaker: P Lakshmana Rao
20 May 2015
Security Policy preparation.
Speaker: T Srinivas
20 April 2015
COBIT 5 Implementation
Speaker: Mr. P Janardhan.
14 Mar 2015
Physical Security and Environment Controls
Speaker: Mr. P. Lakshmana Rao.
21 Feb 2015
Audit of Disaster Recovery Plan
Speaker: Mr. G. Raghava Gupta.
24 Jan 2015
Management of program data file and transaction security
Speaker: Mr. P. Janardhan.
13 Dec 2014
Big Data Basics
Speaker: Kunda Rama Narayana
15 Nov 2014
Security Concerns in SME Environment
Speaker: P Lakshman Rao
27 Oct 2014
Cloud Computing - Security issue
Speaker: Kunda Rama Narayana
22 May 2014
Forensic Audit
Speaker: D Durga Prasad
29 Apr 2014
Network Security

Speaker: G Raghava Gupta

29 Jan 2014
Issues in Cloud Computing

Speaker: Kunda Ramanarayana


4 December 2015
Speaker: Nandamohan Shenoy
31 Jul 2011
Speaker:Mr. Nanda Mohan Shenoy, Ex President ISACA Mumbai Chapter.
23 Jan 2010
Workshop on Enterprise Risk Management
Speaker:Mr. Anand Prakash Jangid, Mr. Efftronics Rama Krishna - Vijayawada.
31 Jan 2009
Information Systems Security & Audit
Speaker: Mr. Hugh Penri Williams, France.